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#7 on the kiss meme: Missed you kiss. Arthur’s been away on a hunt for weeks, so when he finally rides back in to Camelot, Merlin gives him a nice welcome home~ :D

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#8 on the kiss meme: Seduction kiss. Arthur sneaks up on Merlin while he’s doing laundry; distraction/seduction ensues. (idek)

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merlin meme
one female character [1/1] » guinevere

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ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴘʟᴀʏᴇʀs.

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anon asked: morgana or gwen


Do you have a shorter name?

Every time I watch the movie (which is probably way too much), I swoon a bit when Bruce Willis says, “LeeLoo” like it’s the most beautiful name he’s ever heard.

merlin + magic reveal

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→ The half year queen, a Rhaenyra Targaryen fanmix (mostly instrumental)

Part I
I. Dracarys ….Ramin Djawadi II. Sanctuary….James Newton Howard (Dragonstone) III. Chosen… James Newton Howard (Stillborn) IV. Hero’s…. X ray Dog (Lucerys’ death) V. Starfall…. Two Steps from Hell (Taking King’s Landing) VI. The only one….Evanescence (Aegon II) VII. Kyrie II….Death note OST (The Iron Throne) VIII.Mhysa….Ramin Djawadi (dragonriders) IX. A queen’s loneliness….Trevor Morris

Part II

X. Big Sky….Two Steps from hell (Syrax) XI. Sub Lift….Henry Jackman (Prince Daemon’s end) XII. Statues….Alexander Desplat (The delight of the realm) XIII.The houses of healing….Howard Shore. XIV. Lupercalia….Faun XV. Dark Paradise….Lana Del Rey (loss) XVI. Storm….Craig Armstrong (The storoming of King’s Landing) XVII.Let us burn….Within Temptation (Sunfyre’s breath) XVIII. Boadicea….Enya (Rhaenyra’s theme)

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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon combat isn’t changed in mechanics alone — the types of dragons you’ll take on differs considerably from previous games. Dragons will destroy the world around them, which we definitely haven’t done in the past, and I haven’t seen any games do. They definitely spend a lot more time flying in combat, leaping around the battlefield, so they’re not that typical, static kind of creature anymore. They’ll charge at you, pounce around the battlefield, take off, do strafing runs, they’ll come back. There’s a whole different suite of locomotion mechanics and movement mechanics, which are a challenge.”




im literally playing pokemon and drinking an espresso martini in a bar right now what is my life

ideal that’s what your life is