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I thought you may have come to ask me to use magic to heal your father?
How did you know?

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back at it again with more isabela n hawke

If you thought I wasn’t actually going to write Loki/Merlin, then you were sorely mistaken. All my love for sparklyslug who wrote her own version of it last night for me: Wicked Wicked World.

Summary:  Merlin would have thought he’d meet someone like Loki in rather less mundane circumstances, but it turns out even immortal sorcerers sometimes literally just bump into each other. They spend a night together, and Loki may or may not have interest in Merlin’s magic.

Notes: It’s okay to tell me I’m incredible. I already know it and like to hear it.

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merlin cards kings and queens

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Requested by Anon

And yet I’m still more intelligent than you.
I heard that.

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Regina Mills Appreciation Week — Day 2: Favourite Scene

Last word from the Queen…

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Wicked Wicked World (Loki+Merlin)


(this is all onceandfuturekimli's fault, she is TERRIBLE. Also uhhhh this got darker than I meant it to. Soooooo sorry about that?)

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oh my gOD IF YOU LOVE DARK!MERLIN READ THIS FIC oh my god hannah i’m reeling this is perfect, it’s everything I want

- and the King will beg for mercy at my feet



day 3: favourite outfit

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